Lake Mansarovar and nearby Travel Attractions

Lake Manasarovar

The lake Manasarovar is listed among the many fresh-water lakes found in India. This lake is considered to be one of the purest freshwaters as one can see through the layers of water into the waterbed. This lake is located 20 km away from Mount Kailash, at an altitude of 4500 meters from the sea level.

The lake gives the best spiritual satisfaction to all its pilgrims. They all gather together on this beautiful lake. The place becomes quite graceful and lively. If we look back to history it was being said that fish in this lake can cure all kinds of illnesses as now studies have proved that this lake contains good amounts of material in it.

As we are going to list the best places to visit near Lake Manasarovar, let us begin the journey with the pious lake itself.

The Lake Manasarovar

This Lake is considered to be the most elevated lake universally. In Tibet, the lake is seen as maybe the holiest lake present in Asia and the hugest bit of the Yatra. It is in a like manner acknowledged this favored lake changes the concealing. It is clear blue near the waterfront and a while later, it changes to an emerald green concealing towards within.

Right when night sparkle falls on this lake, it looks faltering around night time. This lake is acknowledged to be a remarkable creation of the mother earth. The lake isn’t simply worshiped by the Hindu yet likewise respected by the followers of the additional religions like Jain, Bon, and Buddhism.

Mythological Implication

It is said that the zeniths are the petals of the Golden Lotus which ace Vishnu made as an underlying stage in the game plan of the universe. On one of these zeniths – Mount Kailash, sits Shiva in a state of a steady impression of the profound force that supports the universe.

The trip to Mt. Kailash is acknowledged to accomplish enlightenment. The method for uprightness and powerful nature persistently convey a person close to the Supreme power. Ruler Shiva is acknowledged to be the point of meeting of tremendous imperativeness. It is acknowledged that one encounters such superb joy at this moment.

Traverse some holy places near Lake Manasarovar

There are various holy and beautiful places near Lake Mansarovar. Hence, you can spend some time sightseeing too. Some of them are:

Ji Wu Temple

If you wish to spend a night somewhere then this Ji Wu Temple is the best option. Early morning once you get up you can plan to climb up the hills and get the view of the wonderful sunrise of Lake Manasarovar. You will also see Mount Kailash in the distance. If you’re passionate about photography then you can get the best sunset clicks here. Apart from that, you can witness the beauty of the village and domestic animals. This lake gives travelers a grand view of the place.

Chu Temple

This is among the biggest temples among the 5 temples present in and around Manasarovar Lake. The temple is located towards the south of the lake. One can get the best view of Mount Kailash and the sacred Lake Manasarovar. During the hot weather many pilgrims from Nepal and India take a bath in this holy water. They believe that they get purified and their sins are forgiven.

Lake Rakshastal

This lake is located 10km away from the Ji Wu Temple. This lake is also called the ‘Ghost Lake’ or the ‘Demon Lake’. This is a saltwater lake and thus it is quite separated from the Manasarovar Lake. No human or animal can ever drink water from this lake. This lake looks amazing. It has been seen that the ice formation remains longer on this lake than the Manasarovar Lake. You can take a photograph of the ice formation during winter or shoot a picture of the melting ice during the summertime.

Aside from this, Lake Manasarovar, there are different spots that the travelers can visit. At that point, you can move to the Yam Dwar. From Yam Dwar the former excursion of arriving at the Mount begins. From that point, one ranges to the Asthapad which is the base of the great mountain. In conclusion, the explorers arrive at the Tarboche. It is the flagpole with incalculable reverential banners. This lake is said to be an exceptional piece of beauty.

Visiting this place is very convenient for travelers. People traveling from Nepal and Tibet can reach this place in two ways. Firstly, they can fly from Tribhuvan International Airport and then follow the road. Secondly, they need to cross the border by land and then drive to this place.

Yam Dwar

It is the Gateway for making a section into the grand residence Lord Shiva open for every one of the travelers who are anticipating has an encounter for the lifetime. To visit Mount Kailash, there exists a desperate requirement for the pioneer to go through the Yam Dwar.


Conveying the signifying ‘eight stages’ and joining a variety of rich gives in, the Ashtapad is one of the most dumbfounding journey spots in Jain religion. Ashtapad is viewed as one of the most magnificent journey centre points and is spotted by the travellers when they are en route to the blessed dwelling place Kailash. This goal is unmistakably perceived as the most extreme fulfilment both profoundly and generally for every single member present in the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.


Every year during the summertime many pilgrims come to this place from India, Tibet, and Nepal. They take a dip in Lake Manasarovar and then full-fill their pilgrimage. Many pilgrims come here to see natural beauty, the scenic view of the lakeshore and all the historical temples. Many famous monasteries are located near the lakeshore.

During the day if you face the holy water you will see Mount Kailash towards the North. You can sit there all day to see the majestic view of nature. During the night time, the water looks calm and magnificent. The lake has an exceptional beauty that varies from the shore to the centre. It’ll surely leave you speechless, but happier than before.