Haridwar: The Ultimate Guide to Exploring the City

Haridwar keeps engrossing the hearts and minds of those who explore it. Called ‘Lord Vishnu’s abode, Haridwar is a place of mythology and immense spiritual strength, situated in Uttarakhand. It is revered as one of India’s seven holiest cities and attracts millions of local and foreign tourists flocking to it year in and year out to give prayers or even try forgiveness for their sins by bathing in the Ganga River. The main attraction is Har Ki Pauri and making Haridwar a top-notch tourism location. Ganga Aarti’s appearance as the sun goes down is a beautiful sight, where the whole city comes to a halt to watch this spectacular display. The numerous temples, centers of Ayurveda, and contemplation places make it a popular location for visitors.

Read the travel guide and schedule your journey to fall in love with Haridwar.

How to reach Haridwar?

Haridwar is claimed to be the Hindus’ stairway to heaven and deliverance and the best place to start with Chardham Yatra Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand’s Haridwar district is the holiest spot for Hindu pilgrims and renders a busy place almost all year round. This particular purpose is well connected via train, road, or air to most of the significant Indian cities. Read below to find out more about quickly going to Haridwar.

BY AIR: The nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport in Dehradun, roughly 37 km away. Flights to and from the jolly grant are operated by Air India local, Indigo, Jet Airways, and Spicejet. Additionally, you can also travel from Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi (223 km away).

BY RAIL: Haridwar railway station is the central railroad station. It is a part of the northern railway zone and is linked to India’s major metro cities and tourist capitals. Several trains depart from Delhi’s H. Nizamuddin railway station to Haridwar, taking about 5-6 hours. Three overnight trains depart from separate Delhi railway stations.

BY ROAD: The road ride to Haridwar is a picturesque and pleasant one. It links Haridwar to Chandigarh (205 km), Delhi (210 km), Dehradun (59 km), and Nainital (223 km). Similar roads are traversed by several public and private buses. Visitors may select between a / c, non-a / c, luxurious buses, vehicles, etc.

Finalize your favorite thing to do in Haridwar from the list:

1. Visit Har ki Pauri.
If you’re in Haridwar, you can’t skip exploring the ghat. This ghat is situated near the Ganga River, and thousands are gathered for the Aarti at the river Ganga bank. Lamps are being illuminated and floated along the water, during this Aarti, when the tourists chant prayers. The strength arising from this singing of ‘Jai Maa Ganga’ reverberates across the region. That is this hymn’s power and significance. The Ganga River is deemed holy as it enriches every grain of soil it affects, enabling India’s cultivation. It is considered pure because it flows directly through Uttarakhand and comes from the Himalayan foothills. In this channel, many people dive. Most people swim in the water because they hope their offenses will be swept away.

2. Do not miss the Ganga Aarti.
The Ganga Aarti is a magical event attended by hundreds of devotees. The view and reflection of thousands of diyas in the shimmering Ganges will undoubtedly remain with you. Har Ki Pauri Ghat keeps the aarti at the shore of the Ganga River. The priests pray with clocks of fire in their pockets. The tourists will float Diya and flowers on the river that the goddess Ganga is claimed to have blessed. The Aarti Ganga begins at 6:30 and starts at 8:00. Please ensure that you visit by this time.

3. Tour to Mansa Devi Temple.
It is a Hindu temple of the goddess Mansa Devi situated on the peak of the Bilwa Parvat in the district Shivalik. There are two ways to get to this shrine: climbing to the peak and the other is by walking (also the most fun). It gives you a striking view of the Ganga river and Haridwar plains and makes you feel like a child all over again! We would suggest taking the rope path. One of the best activities to do in Haridwar is temple hopping. You will visit other Temples in Haridwar, such as Mansa Devi Temple, the Mayan Devi Temple, and Neel Parvat Temple if you are Religious. The temple in Mansa Devi is located on a hill. When you don’t like it, you might take a cable car on your foot.

4. Another visit to Chanda Devi Temple.
This is a Hindu shrine, which is situated on the Neel Parvat in the Shivalik area and is dedicated to the deity Chandi Devi. Again, there are two different ways to get to this sanctuary: walking up, and the other is by following the path. During Navratri and Kumbh Mela, many people visit this temple.

5. A stroll around the Jungle.
Haridwar is a beautiful town where people enjoy the splendor of the Ganges. But you will be welcomed at the Rajaji Wilderness Sanctuary only 18 km away from the city by wild bears, tigers, cats, elephants, and many endangered species. A large variety of flora and fauna were introduced to the sanctuary. The thick woods give spectacular images of the supernatural forces of nature. It’s the best thing for nature and wildlife enthusiasts in Haridwar in the morning.

6. World-famous lassi.
Walk around the Barra Bazar is exciting with evening activity. They will teach you how you can savor the finest, creamy lass in a long time. It is impossible to extract the taste buds from the cold milk delicacy. And ask us later for this suggestion to help you wash your day’s exhaustion.

A dense yogurt shake served in glass tubers is the milk product Lassi. At night in Haridwar, one of the most famous street food restaurants in the region is the Prakash Lok.

7. The food at Hoshiyar Puri.
This restaurant is one of the oldest in the region. The business was founded in 1937. Exquisite vegetarian delights are offered in the kitchen. There is no comparison between Dal Makhani and Kheer served in the restaurant. Among the locals, who rate the meals they serve very highly, the restaurant is one of the best things to do at night in Haridwar.

8. The world-famous Kumbha Mela.
Celebrated every 12 years, Kumbha Mela is the world’s most prominent religious gathering you will ever come across. The Haridwar sites are spectacular during the Kumbha festival. It is a pure paradise for the shutterbugs where each pilgrim’s face has a unique background. Pilgrims all over the world head to Haridwar in the Ganga, to wash their sins.

9. Meditate like never before.
One of Haridwar’s best things to do is meditate. There are many ashrams in the town that teach meditation and yoga. Many options are given in which the quietness needed for reflection and yoga may be taken advantage of. Ashrams such as Shanti Kunj and Patanjali Yogapeeth are well-known institutes that operate various programs all year round. Such ashrams provide the best atmosphere, food, and remain to enjoy the tranquility.